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Past Life Regression Therapy & Soul Fragment Retrieval Package

Often, to truly be able to move forward we must first look at where we've come from. Past Life Regression therapy allows us to safely access the memories of previous incarnations so that we can better understand our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and lessons in our current lives. There is nothing to be concerned about, as you are gently guided and fully aware throughout the sessions.


With this package you will be asked what your main issue is in your life right now, and it is with this that we will set the intention to access previous lives that concern that issue. This can be done either with three or five sessions, depending on how deep you want to go, and then we will finish with a Soul Fragment Retrieval ceremony to call back any fragments of your soul that have been lost throughout your incarnations. This is often due to trauma or violence, but a soul fragmenting can happen for a number of reasons - something we may explore more in your sessions. This can leave us feeling lost, empty, or confused in our current state and so it is through calling them back we can feel more whole again.


This is deep and transformational work with an aim to fully heal an issue in your life, so we recommend that you only embark on this journey when you have done previous spiritual healing. We have an example of a session here. All sessions are 45 minutes long, and are conducted through video call with Luna Nyx.

Past Life Regression Therapy & Soul Fragment Retrieval Package

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