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FREE EVENT - Healing The Witch Wound

For hundreds of years, we were hunted. The word "Witch" was used as a fear-inducing brand to give an excuse to murder, and this branding has a Collective power attached to their lives and deaths that we can still feel to this day every time someone uses the word or imagery in a derogatory manner. We still don't trust ourselves and our intuition. We worry so much about how we appear to others, where we are still on some level afraid of their judgement and what that might lead to. These old personal, generational and cultural wounds need to be addressed so that we can finally clear the way from fear and into love. So that we can finally be free to just be.


Whether you now identify as a Witch or not, you are likely impacted by this chilling period of our history. To get some deep-soul healing, remove potential blocks to success, and to start believing in your power again, we recommend that you take part in this life-changing event.


Please go through the checkout to register your interest for this FREE EVENT, taking place on 23rd - 25th March 2024. You will not be charged. It will take place via Facebook events, the link of which will be sent to the email address you use to checkout with nearer the time.

FREE EVENT - Healing The Witch Wound