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A Soul Healing Journey - Programme

A three week online retreat for the soul, where you will be gently guided through beautiful healing modalities set to heal and rejuvinate you on a soul level. You will learn about, partcipate in, and feel the benefit of Ancestral healing, Past Life Regression and Soul Retreival in a private and safe setting.


Facilitated by Luna Nyx and Asi Asai, we will venture into the spiritual world through means of teaching sessions, guided meditations, regressions, rituals, group support meetings and a detailed workbook to work alongside the work we do together. All learning and sessions are highly accessible via a private Facebook group, email, PDF downloads and Microsoft Teams.


This programme will be a deep tissue massage for the soul, where you will emerge from this journey feeling spiritually soothed and held. You can choose from three different payment options to suit your needs, with the hopes that finances are not a block for healing: low income, full price, and a higher "pay it forward" price so that you're paying toward someone else's healing. It will take place between the 6th - 23rd May 2024.


We look forward to welcoming you with love. Spaces are limited.

A Soul Healing Journey - Programme