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beginner's witchcraft course
beginner's witchcraft course
Beginner's Witchcraft Altar

A comprehensive program into beginner's Witchcraft


The Black Moon Consortium
For Students Of Magick

beginner's witchcraft course

To Commence In January 2024
Enrolments Close 25th December 2023

A twelve month online program, with a view of receiving a digital foundation certificate* in rudimentary Witchcraft at the end of the year.


With exclusive access to:

  • Lifetime membership & support.

  • Live lectures & group spells.**

  • One-to-one personal developmental sessions (during the first year) with a member of Black Moon Coven.

  • Simple but detailed modules, with reflective assessments. As well as additional recorded video workshops.

  • A student "common room" where you can interact with other participants. You will also be sorted into one of three Houses (Ravens, Wolves and Mermaids) and compete with the other students to win the best overall group at the end of the year. Take the quiz here to see which House you belong to.

  • Lots of Witchy downloads and printouts to use in your Book of Shadows.

  • Special events, with Magickal rewards.

  • The totality of our online workshop archive, including any further additions!

  • A possible chance to be initiated into Black Moon Coven at the end of the academic year, and one student will even win back their sign up costs!***

And most importantly you will have a safe and loving space to explore your Magickal self; where you can feel appreciated, meet with like-minded others, and find a place where you can feel like you belong.


All lessons and lectures are based on the grey and eclectic, Black Moon Tradition. The places for this course are extremely limited. We want free-thinkers, who study with discernment. People who are thirsty for knowledge; who are bold and weird. We're looking for those who stand out, struggle to fit in with the "norm," and are willing to explore the Shadow side of this World. If you think this could be you, and that you could contribute the Magick that we're looking for, then please sign up below.

Not sure? Here's what other people say about the course:

". . . this journey has helped . . . me find my true calling."

". . . can’t begin to imagine life without magick, without Black Moon Cove - the family I choose, and who accept me. warts and all. My soul tribe who just get me."

"I now have my path and place . . . and have begun to completely embrace myself for what I am and what I offer."

"I’m waking my inner witch, creating space where possible to add magick to the mundane."

"this magickal journey and being part of a coven has provided me with a safe space for me [to] learn more about myself as a person with the support and love from like minded friends."

"This journey is opening doors I never thought possible for me and the witch I am no[w] is one I recognise, celebrate and trust rather than doubt and shy away from."

*UK students will have the option of receiving a physical certificate at additional cost. Please note that we are not accredited.

**Live lectures and meetings will be held through Microsoft Teams - these will be recorded and can be sent to you afterwards.

***The person deemed to be the "best student" will have their sign up fee of £222 refunded to them by December 31st 2024.

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